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Pp. 5-5 Dear employees, workers and veterans of the health of the Russian Interior Ministry in the Republic of Tatarstan!
Sergeev SA

Pp. 6-6 Dear employees and veterans of the medical service!
Hohorin AV

Pp. 7-7 Dear colleagues!
Farrakhov AZ

Pp. 8-8 Dear colleagues! Dear friends!
Sozinov AS

Pp. 9-9 Dear employees of the health of the Russian Interior Ministry in the Republic of Tatarstan!
Ziyatdinov KS

Pp. 10-11 Dear friends!
Potapov MV

Pp. 12-12 Dear colleagues!
Amirov NB

Pp. 13-19 The role of the health of the Russian Interior Ministry in the Republic of Tatarstan in the conservation of health of employees OVD
Potapov MV Amirov NB, Ginyatullina LR

Pp. 20-21 001 Allopathic and homeopathic patient survey: what do and what difference?
Bulashova OV

Pp. 21-22, 002 Prognostic evaluation of the risk of chronic dermatoses in ATS staff
Bunakova LK Fayzullina EV Nigametzyanova GZ

Pp. 22-22 003 Functional clinical features of patients with positive treadmill test
Galyavov RA, Mihoparova OJ, EB Frolov

Pp. 22-23 004 Select method of anesthesia during operations on the extremities in patients with diabetes mellitus
Danilov VA, Fedorov ME

Pp. 23-24 005. Effective health care members of the Interior Kursk region in hypertension
Zabelin IV, Baker FE

Pp. 24-24 006 Allergic rhinitis in children
Kamasheva GR

Pp. 24-26 007. Violation breathing during sleep in patients with high risk of sudden death: a clinical case
Lyshova OV, Harina NV, Smoljaninov SV

Pp. 26-27 008. metabolic syndrome: microcirculation features and blood flow
Sidelnikov NS, Petrochenko AS, Pavlov AD, Yakusevich VV, VI Balashin

Pp. 27-28 009. Contact ureterolithotripsy machine
Stroitelev IA, Salmin AY, GG Fayzullina

Pp. 28-29 010 Clinical research of pathogenetic significance activity of the enzyme purine adenine branch metabolism in lysates of lymphocytes, red blood cells and blood plasma of patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Ushakov IS

Pp. 29-30 011. Anesthetic in patients undergoing lower limb amputation at the upper third of the leg with diabetic foot syndrome
ME Fedorov, AV Tamoykin

Pp. 30-31 012. Management of patients in the preoperative period with diabetic foot syndrome
Fedorov ME, Yashkina LV

Pp. 31-31 013. Study of selected cytokines and ig e in infants with atopic dermatitis
Khakimov RF, Kamasheva GR

Pp. 32-40 014. Performance work gastroenterological department clinical hospital nfm mia russia by rt for 5-year period
Absalyamova LR, Gimaletdinova IA Potapova MV, Sabirov LF, EB Frolov, Amirov NB, Galeeva ZM

Pp. 41-46 015Comparative analysis of the Multidisciplinary Clinical Hospital surgical department of IFL MIA Russia RT
Ageev AG, Gimadeev YF, Fattakhov SR, Akhtyamov IF, Mirolubov BM

Pp. 46-49 016. Dynamics of activity of the Department Rehabilitation Clinical Hospital NFM MIA RUSSIA the Republic of Tatarstan from 2009 to 2011
Agliullin FF, Amirov NB

Pp. 49-50 017 5 years experience physiotherapy department MSU Clinical Hospital Ministry of Internal Affairs of RT
Burenina IA

Pp. 50-51 018. Application apparatus skeletal traction "FINTREK-10" in the complex treatment of patients with vertebrogenic lumbalgia
Burenina IA, Zakirov DR

Pp. 51-54 019. Experience Clinical Hospital rehabilitation department NFM MIA on RT
Burenina IA, Iskhakov, AN

Pp. 54-57 020. Clinical examination - an effective method of maintaining health system preventive medicine
Valeeva AG, Khusainova LK Yakimets SA, Merikova EF

Pp. 57-61 021. Performance health police with neurological disorders, from 2007 to 2011
Ermakova OV

Pp. 61-65 022. Comparative analysis of activities department of neurology clinical hospital NFM MIA Russia RT from 2007 to 2011.
Zakirov DR, Potapov MV, Sabirov LF, EB Frolov, Amirov NB

Pp. 65-68 023. Achilles tendon injury
Zulkarneev R. Akhmetov Z.Ya., Zulkarneev RR, Kuznetsov IS

Pp. 68-75 024. Study of chronic stress in professional therapists Precinct patient medical aid Nevsky district of St. Petersburg
Lymarenko VM Leontiev OV, AV Gordienko, VA Sidorenko, SV Leychinsky 2, Sorokin, NV 1

Pp. 75-78 025. Association of polymorphic gene variants of superoxide dismutase with the risk of coronary heart disease
Maikov EV Alimov FC, Podolsky AA, Kravtsov, OA

Pp. 78-80 026. Modern methods of prevention of psychosomatic diseases as an important mechanism to ensure career longevity have POLICE
Murtazov AM Shogenov AG

Pp. 80-85 027. Performance analysis department of cardiology clinical hospital NFM Police in RT from 2007 to 2011
Oshchepkova OB, Tsibulkin NA, Amirov NB

Pp. 85-88 028.Effect of eradication Helicobacter pylori on morphological structure of gastric mucosa in patients with chronic gastritis
P. IM, AV Gordienko, VA Sidorenko, SV Leychinsky, GA Alper

Pp. 88-92 029. Pathogenetic validation of use antidepressants for psychosomatic disorders in persons extreme professional activities
Pyatibrat AO, AV Gordienko, Pyatibrat ED, Sidorenko VA, Leychinsky SV, Dorokhov GY, Tsikunov SG

Pp. 92-95 030 Official missions in the Republic of Dagestan
Sabirov LF

Pp. 95-99 031. Division therapy clinical hospital NFM Police in RT. Analysis of performance in 2007 and 2011.
Safargaliyeva LH, LF Baybulatova, Amirov NB

Pp. 99-102 032. Performance performance endoscopic service clinical hospital NFM MIA Russia from 2007 to 2011.
Sakhibullin RF, Potapov MV, Sabirov LF, EB Frolov, Amirov NB

Pp. 102-107 033. Ancient secrets diagnostician and healer: alternative medicine
Smoljaninov SV, Nenashev RG, Maltsev TT

Pp. 107-109 034. Features of the treatment chondroprotector osteoratrosis on an outpatient basis.
Smoljaninov SV, SY Larin, Rudyakov MS

Pp. 109-112 035. Performance analysis clinical diagnostic laboratory Clinical Hospital NFM MIA Russia 2007-2011.
Tukhvatullina GV, Potapov MV, Sabirov LF, EB Frolov, Amirov NB

Pp. 112-115 036. Relative performance of activity services ultrasound diagnostics Clinical Hospital NFM MIA Russia the Republic of Tatarstan from 2007 to 2011.
Fayzullina GG, DG Bulatov

Pp. 115-117 037. Features of heart rate in men - police officers with obesity and arterial hypertension
Tsyplenkova NS

Pp. 117-121 038. Organization of medical rehabilitation psychological members of the Interior Trans-Baikal Territory
Cullen VA Shilnikova NF, Shabalin LN, Makarov VY

Pp. 121-122 040. Dizziness as display acute vestibular syndrome: classification and criteria for differentiation
Huzina GR, Bogdanov EI, Zakirov DR

Pp. 123-123 The authors of the collection of scientific works of V-th Anniversary All-Russia annual scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of diagnostics, treatment and prevention in general practice." Kazan, 19-20 October 2012
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