Nail B. Amirov, MD,

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D.Sc. (Medicine), prof, Mem. of RANS, Honored Doctor of TR, Honored Science and Education Worker, State Honoree of TR in Science and Technics.


email: namirov@mail.ru

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     Amirov Nail Bagauvich, MD, professor of general medicine practice at Kazan State Medical University of the Russian Health Ministry, the author of over 330 scientific papers, including 7 monographs and more than 30 teaching aids, including Federal level recommendations with the stamp of Ministry of Education.

     Graduated with honors from medical faculty of Kazan State Medical Institute in 1976, had an internship in internal medicine in 1977, a special (foreign language and tropical disease) clinical ordinate in 1981. Systematically and purposefully increased and improved his skills at various courses of improvement of qualification and specialization, congresses and conventions of physicians at all levels. Doctor of the highest category. Certified on Vietnam national medicine, gastroenterology, cardiology, general practice, pulmonology, internal medicine, ultrasound diagnostics (listed alphabetically).

     He has extensive experience abroad in tropical countries (Vietnam, Nigeria) as a practitioner and health organizer (led and organized the diplomatic missions of the USSR and the Russian Federation medical service, including assistance to ministries as the host country, as well as citizens of other countries (almost from all over the world), in the beginning of South Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh city, 1982-1987), and then all of Vietnam (Hanoi, 1994-1997) and, then, the medical service of RUSAL in Nigeria (Mr. Ikot Abasi, 2006-2007). In 1991 he defended his thesis on "The individual indicators of humoral and cellular immunity and microcirculation in patients with chronic obstructive bronchitis and systemic scleroderma." In 2001 he defended his doctoral thesis on "Clinical and pathogenetic aspects of laser therapy in internal medicine clinic".

     In 2002 he organized the 1st in his editorial practice "ICDC Bulletin" journal (ISSN 1726-6149), where he was editor-in-chief till travel to Nigeria in 2006. In 2008 he founded the "Bulletin of Contemporary Clinical Medicine" journal (ISSN 2071-0240 (Print) and ISSN 2079-553CH (On line). This journal has authors from many countries, both authors and readers of the magazine is expanding rapidly, we are very happy and we welcome everyone who has opened our magazine for you and your colleagues are working.

     Doctor Amirov NB - doctor, teacher, diplomat, educator has received numerous awards, including: institutional, departmental, national, Allied, Federal.

     Undoubtedly, a huge impact on the formation of a person has his surroundings. In this sense, it is the family - parents, doctors and teachers (father Amirov Miftahovich Bagau, one of the heroes of World War II, an extraordinary man - a self-taught, musician played professionally, and who wrote the music to musical instruments from accordion to organ, mother – doctor Kondratieva (Amerkhanova) Sania Hatypovna, stepfather - a doctor Kondratiev Lev Pavlovich, a man of encyclopedic knowledge); - Teachers from kindergarten (lucky), a teacher at the school (lucky), athletic trainers (lucky), and to this day: Professor Abdrakhmanov Raisa Sharafutdinovna, associate professor Ahmerov Sayar Fazylovich, and many others, which forced then a doctor, and now professor Amirov N.B., carried away by science – friends and life, and in the profession, in this part of the need to personally thank all to Professor Alexander A. Vizel, whom together in life, together more than 40 years - gives such friends Providence. He is the deputy chief editor of "Bulletin of Contemporary Clinical Medicine ".

     Currently, this journal continues its mission - education of physicians of all specialties, to inform professionals about all the achievements of modern medicine with the aim of healing the Earth's population and extend the life of every earthling.

     We will be happy if you are with us!