The Bulletin of Contemporary Clinical Medicine operates with “double blind” peer review policy. The reviewer and author do not contact with each other. The reviewers of the paper do not get the identity of the author and the author does not get the identity of the reviewer. The manuscripts sending procedure is determined by the Editorial Board. Peer review is free of charge.

1. On submission of the manuscript scientific secretary checks if the manuscript is prepared according tomanuscript submission instructionsand ethics. Manuscripts that were not rejected at this stage will be subjected to peer review by the members of editorial board and external reviewers according to the subject of the manuscript. Scientific secretary is responsible for blinding of the manuscript. Chief Editor makes final decision to accept or reject a manuscript according to reviewers and associate editors’ reviews and commentaries. At this stage author will be notified by e-mail.

2. We accept reviews only from Doctors of Medical Sciences - specialists in particular area of science of the manuscript. Reviewer must not be a director or consultant of the author. A review of Doctor of Medical Sciences needs to be signed and sealed with Institution seal. Several reviews are allowed and welcome. 

3. All articles are reviewed on:


A typical review structure

To the Editorial Board of "The Bulletin of Contemporary Clinical Medicine"

«__»_______________201__ .


On article <blind number>

The article devoted to current aim

The following thesis is described

The following discrepancies were found

The article contains new data and scientific interest to healthcare professions. Publication is recommended.

In case of negative review the proofs must be presented. Recommendations on correction of the article for the authors should be provided. 

Position, academic degree, academic title
Signature                                                                                     Name

About the reviewer:

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Academic degree_______________________________________________________________

Academic title and position____________________________________________________________

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Fax ____________________ cell phone # __________________

Address _________________________________________________

Signature: ____________________________

Dear Colleagues

When you send a review of the article of The Bulletin of Contemporary Clinical Medicine you demonstrate that this article has scientific interest and deserves attention! Editorial Board thanks you for cooperation!